Martin Taxt & Toshimaru Nakamura (pan on fire), Eirik Blekesaune in Okinawa


April 12th Tuesday, 2016

20:00 open / 20:30 start

Charge 2000yen and drink order


Martin Taxt (Norway) & Toshimaru Nakamura (Tokyo) [pan on fire]

Eirik Blekesaune (Norway)

Uechi gacha Kazuya + Yuta NAMIHIRA


Ishihara Takeshi + takane Eable

organized by Offshore

TOTAL INFO:info.offshoremcc@gmail.com



[ pan on fire ]

Toshimaru Nakamura - mixer
Toshimaru Nakamura is a pioneer on his instrument no-input mixing board. Releasing nearly hundred albums since the mid 90’s, including 9 solo albums. However, in this project with Martin Taxt he appears with a new approach to his instrument by taking Taxt’s microtonal tuba into Nakamura’s mixer through a microphone and thus, tuba sound affects and sometimes interrupts mixer’s internal feedback signal as well as Nakamura processes Taxt’s tuba playing. This creates a raw, brutal and surprising character to the music.

Martin Taxt - Tuba
Martin Taxt, born in Trondheim, Norway in 1981, finished his studies at the Academy of Music in Oslo and CNSMDP in Paris in 2006. Since then he has established himself in the international experimental music scene. He is releasing albums and touring with groups such as Koboku Senjû and Microtub. Since 2013 he has been a part of the award winning art collective Verdensteatret.
He has been running the experimental music label SOFA since 2010 with the musicians Kim Myhr, Ingar Zach and Ivar Grydeland.


Eirik Blekesaune - laptop
Eirik Blekesaune has been a part of the Norwegian art collective Verdensteatret since 2010. He works with sound, robotics, electronics, and software development. As a musician he uses laptop where the music software is constructed during the performance, also known as live coding. The performance is based on creating digital musical instruments in real-time that can only be partially controlled. The laptop becomes a musical instrument that balances between taking control, and losing control.


Uechi gacha Kazuya - double-bass
Born in Okinawa, 1968. He plays the electric bass or double-bass on Jazz, Free-Jazz, Rock, Pops, Blues, Improvisation and many kind of music. Especially, he is a pioneer of improvisation and avant-garde music in Okinawa. His owned live music venue “Groove” organizes improvised and avant-garde music event usually. Groove and his performance made a history of Okinawan underground music scene, and many improvised musicians in the world visited to Groove and him. He is a band master of free-jazz orchestra formed in 2005 called “Jitchacku Orchestra”. Also he plays the bass guitar on “Shaolong To The Sky” and “Maltese Rock”.


NAMIHIRA Yuta- Electric Guitar
A guitarist. He started performance when he was a member of Jazz-workshop club in Ryukyu University. And he joined numerous sessions and bands. He worked as a composer of jingle music on Typhoon FM in Okinawa, and as a co-producer of CD album “Fukuhara Melody” which is released for tributing Okinawan most famous composer and producer Tsuneo Fukuhara. Also he composed and produced many of Okinawa-based musicians' songs and projects. Now he plays the guitar on various bands as “Megane Stratos”, “Jitchaku Orchestra” and “Ascension”.


DJ PIN - Turntable, Sampler
A turntablist based in Okinawa. He started DJ at clubs and established his skills of scratching and juggling in Okinawan hiphop scene. Now he tries to adapt his DJ skill for improvised music. His unique music is made by vinyls of free-jazz, experimental, dub and ethnic music. His strange beats are live composition and which delight both audiences in hiphop scene and improvised music scene. His performance is worth seeing as live show however he plays really simple instruments. In 2014, he released his first solo digital album “first expression…” from Virgin Babylon Records which was established by WORLD’S END GIRLFRIEND.


Ishihara Takeshi - Guitar, Effects, Light
Based in Takae, Higashi-son in Okinawa. He plays the electric guitar with effecters. Recently he controls flicking light bulb in sync with his guitar. Also he plays on “PIRARUCU” which is two electric guitars’ improvisation duo. And he often plays as solo or session with various musicians in Okinawa and other countries. May 2011, his first solo album “Yoru no Kazoku” was released. January 2013, his second album “Hakko suru Sekai (“The World towards ferment”) was released.


Takane Eabl - modular synthesizer
He controls colorful complex patched modular synthesizer as like human society and economic complex systems and cranial nerve system. His realtime composition, creation and performance would be challenging spatiotemporal control.

Tue Apr 12, 2016
8:00 PM - 11:30 PM JST
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Venue Address
B1F, 2-18-10 Jitchaku Urasoe city Okinawa Japan
30 seconds by walk from Jitchaku bus station.